Mifune and Sushi Amane Debut in Midtown East With Ultra-Luxe Sushi - Opulence reigns in this restaurant from chefs with Michelin-star backgrounds... Read more 
Arguably New York’s most exciting sushi debut this year, Sushi Amane, located directly below Japanese-French-flavored Mifune in Midtown, is the hyper-traditional eight-seat bar helmed by chef Shino Uino... Read more
New York City's Hottest New Restaurants: Named for a famous movie actor, this glossy Japanese venture brings its own brand of drama to Midtown East in the form of intricate sushi, seafood and Wagyu beef, served both à la carte and in tasting menus, alongside equally ornate cocktails... Read more  
Midtown’s Mifune and Sushi Amane bring in two Michelin-starred chefs... The eight-seat omakase counter is helmed by Shion Uino — second-in-command at Tokyo’sSushi Saito, the bar with three Michelin stars many regard as the best sushi in Tokyo.... Read more
The Midtown East Japanese hideaway, which has a new, seasonal wonderful 8-course chef's tasting menu, starting with sea urchin and ending with foie gras fried rice before dessert. Pair with sake or wonderful wine offerings... Read more 
Mifune is an offshoot of the well-known Paris restaurant Sola led by chef-owner Hiroki Yoshitake, who features traditional washoku cuisine, a style that adheres to rigorous attention to the seasonal bounty; at Mifune French culinary techniques... Read more 
Very high-profile Japanese fare from the Michelin-starred chefs Hiroki Yoshitake and Yuu Shimano moved into midtown to serve "New Washoku" cuisine... Read more 
Mifune New York to Bring High End Japanese and Sushi to Midtown East... High powered Japanese chefs from Tokyo and Paris will attempt to make their mark on NYC... Read more
Some serious firepower has been assembled here: The main menu is from Hiroki Yoshitake, who worked at Pascal Barbot’s acclaimed Astrance before going on to cook dishes like miso-glazed foie gras at the Michelin-starred Sola... Read more
This year’s sushi restaurant openings in NYC are not grounded solely in city-based chefs. Sushi chefs from overseas have flown in at an astoundingly high rate. Shion Uino — formerly of Tokyo’s three Michelin-starred Sushi Saito — has already scored a star of his own in NYC at Sushi Amane... Read more 

Named after a Samurai movie star, NYC’s Mifune Brings Bright Ideas to Japanese Cuisine... And with its grand design and devotion to a Japanese movie star, it happily deviates form the usual ultra-minimalist style of so many others... Read more

This double-barreled Midtown East restaurant has Hiroki Yoshitake, whose specialty is a blend of French and Japanese cuisine and who received a Michelin star for it at Sola in Paris, cooking in the ground-floor dining room named for the actor Toshiro Mifune. 
The elegant bi-level space sports a sleek sand-and-stone palette for a clean sophisticated atmosphere from which to enjoy their curated tasting menus of intricate sushi, seafood, Wagyu beef and other Japanese delicacies... Read more