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Named after Toshiro Mifune, the famed Japanese actor praised for his emotional portrayal of disciplined, unmatched samurai warriors, MIFUNE New York is fueled by a Michelin starred cast of top young chefs, displaying a level of refinement that would make its namesake proud. Just as Mifune himself crossed the ocean and captivated global audiences, this assemblage of culinary talent has arrived in NYC to provide a new take on Japanese cuisine. 


MIFUNE New York takes traditional Japanese cooking that places supreme importance on the seasonal bounty of the land and sea—and reimagines it using French techniques to create innovative and artistically composed dishes.



The Talent Behind Our Unique Menu

Tomohiro Urata (L), Yuu Shimano (R)

Tomohiro Urata (L), Yuu Shimano (R)


Yuu Shimano & Tomohiro Urata

 Executive Chefs Yuu Shimano and Tomohiro Urata are the culinary masterminds behind the innovative menus at MIFUNE New York. The two chefs honed their skills while studying together at the Tsuji Culinary Institute in both Osaka, Japan and Lyon, France. Shimano went on to hold his first kitchen position at two Michelin-starred La Villa des Lys in Cannes and as Chef de Partie of Meats and Sauces at the eponymous three Michelin-starred Guy Savoy in Paris. While Urata worked in France as the Chef de Partie of Fish and Appetizers at two Michelin-starred La Relais de la Poste in Magescq, three Michelin-starred Régis & Jacques Marcon in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid and three Michelin-starred Maison Troisgros in Roanne. The two then landed at MIFUNE New York, where they have become a dynamic team, captaining the kitchen to finely craft flavorful and ever-changing dishes, while always spotlighting the finest ingredients for the season.




Hiroki Yoshitake began his career as an apprentice under Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai. After extensively traveling the world he did stints in some of the most prestigious kitchens in France—Fogón, Ze Kitchen Galerie, Les Magnolias and Astrance—before opening Sola in 2010, where he garnered his first Michelin star and penned the Sola Cookbook. At MIFUNE New York, Yoshitake takes the concept of Washoku cuisine—traditional Japanese cooking that places supreme importance on the seasonal bounty of the land and sea—and reimagines it using French technique to create innovative, artistically composed dishes.




An internationally renowned mixologist, Shingo Gokan developed a reputation for excellence early on as Head Bartender and Bar Manager at revered NYC cocktail institution, Angel’s Share. He won the 2012 Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition, and was recently crowned International Bartender of the Year 2017 by Tales of the Cocktail. His cocktails at MIFUNE are innovative and well-executed, perfectly underscoring the refined creativity of the cuisine.